A gift of any size changes lives!

We believe in the power of communities to impact change. Will you believe with us?

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We believe in the power of communities to impact change. Will you believe with us?

Your gift helps children like Greyson.

Greyson was a spunky little one year old, when we shared his story three years ago. At that time, Greyson and his family, were working with a Sherwood Occupational Therapist on strengthening his core, upper arm and shoulder strength. The family was also working with a special educator and physical therapist as he had just begun to tolerate more solid foods.

Today, Greyson is now almost 4 years old and has come a long way since first beginning to work with Sherwood. “I’m still in awe at how far Greyson has come.” Says his mother, Meghan.

“He’s doing so well. Working with Sherwood was such a positive experience,” Meghan said.

Greyson is now attending the special education program with the Monroe School District. He is in a preschool classroom, as well as working with a school district therapist on his motor skills.

“Sherwood gave us the tools that gave him a chance to progress,” shares Meghan. She also added that he started walking last summer and has become more stable since using orthotics. He has become fairly independent. He is now climbing up the playground equipment at the park and navigating the slide all on his own. Greyson and his family have been using the strategies they learned from their Sherwood therapists. “We are working on drinking from a cup and with a straw. He even gets his own utensils when he’s hungry.” Meghan said.

Meghan loves to see when Greyson reaches an individual goal and when he meets his development milestones.

When it comes to working with Sherwood, Meghan says, “I can’t encourage you enough to get involved”. Meghan reminds parents, “It’s going to be great for your child. Don’t get frustrated when it’s not a quick process. Every child is different. They are on their own path. Remember to have patience.”

Shannon, Sherwood’s special education teacher shares, “We had the wonderful opportunity to follow Greyson and his family from the time of birth through age 3. It was such a pleasure to be welcomed into their home each month and see Greyson grow up into a little boy. To watch his monthly progress was so rewarding and he always lit up the room with his smile. He always had a new skill to show off to his therapists and was willing to try new things. Greyson and his family were a joy to work with and I love getting updates on how he’s doing now. Our main goal as a team was to support the child and family as a whole, we met Greyson where he was and believed in him, knowing he’d get to where he is today.

“Keep loving on your child, and keep doing the things your therapists recommends,” Meghan says.

With a great team of professionals and dedication from the family, Greyson has gained the confidence and skills he needs to continue reaching his developmental milestones.